About Us

Working with a trusted strategic partner is important for your organization in order to effectively reach your target audience and increase visibility.

World Synergy is here to be your strategic partner, as we offer integrated business services to fulfill your B2B and B2C needs. As a team, we work together and provide solutions to your IT, applications and marketing needs.

Our leadership team offers expertise, solutions and personality.

Get to know more about each member:

Glenn Smith

Glenn Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Smith founded the company in 1989 to help CEOs take their business ideas from Thought to Thrive. By developing long term strategies and offering a variety of integrated business solutions he and World Synergy have been able to turn the “what ifs” of others and turn it into successful business growth. Glenn doesn’t see how many problems are in the way, he sees how many solutions there are to offer. His feel good, we-can-do-it attitude helps others succeed. Described as a great partner and friend, he is caring, approachable, and has impeccable integrity. When Glenn isn’t working to help CEOs to grow and succeed, he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family.

Michael Mack

President and Chief Operating Officer

President and COO Michael Mack is excited and passionate about improving business and processes. He wants to help business partners move forward, move fast and grow. With more than 20 years in IT he understands critical business process efficiency issues and solves complex problems by breaking them into logical and simple tasks. He is a leader, reliable, and the voice of reason. When asked what he is passionate about personally, the answer comes easy: “my kids, coaching, staying fit, and growth in all things.”

Joanna Zinna

Joanna Zinna

Vice President, Business Development

Joanna loves a challenge, that’s why she came to World Synergy as the first sales person looking to grow the company and a sales team. From recognizing the client’s business needs to lowering their anxiety when making the transition to World Synergy, our business partners say she’s a breath of fresh air. When she isn’t making people laugh or improving their business processes Joanna can be found at the barn riding or working with former racehorses.

Matthew Jones

Matt Jones

Vice President, Technology

Whatever the question, “No problem” is always Matt’s answer. He is a calm voice in the storm, solving your most complex technical problems, and he does it with a smile. Matt enjoys helping people and treats every project as an artist treats his craft. Whether he is redesigning a rack or improving a business partner’s technology experience Matt makes each person or place a little better. And if you need maple syrup, Matt’s your guy.

Gina Bartlett

Gina Bartlett

Vice President, Marketing

Gina has a history of traditional marketing which has evolved into the ever changing challenges of an interactive world and user interfaces. Her creative background helps her define a brand for a customer by providing a visual understanding to the client’s objectives. Gina strives for the highest quality product and to build respected relationships with our business partners. She is soft-spoken but passionate and always on the move, whether talking with her hands or running to stay fit.

Ross Ritchey

Ross Ritchey

Senior Application Engineer

Fast, on-track, sincere, and organized are just a few of the words that come up when describing developer and Senior Applications Engineer Ross Ritchey. Ross is passionate about figuring out a problem and building a solution. In fact, he never sees a limitation; he only needs time to work around them. When working with Ross on your application projects you can expect authenticity, an unbreakable will, and reasonable expectations that he will most likely exceed. When Ross isn’t working hard on delivering an exceptional product, he’s most likely outside on his bike, walking his dog, or volunteering at Cleveland GiveCamp.