Custom Website and Application Development

Stay in front of the future of website design and develop a website or application that perfectly serves the needs of your organization and consumer.

World Synergy develops custom platforms that seamlessly integrate with your organizational processes to fit all of your business needs and move your company forward.

We understand the value in personalizing website platforms and mobile applications, which is why we use cutting-edge technology to shape these applications to the needs of your organization – and make them a work of art for your customers to use.


Give your brand the online face it deserves with a modern, easy to navigate, functional, and visually sound website.

Our applications and marketing specialists combine various fields of knowledge to drive your business forward with Custom Website Development, eCommerce Website Design, and Responsive Website Design.


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Responsive Website Design


Implementing an eCommerce website for your business allows customers to purchase your products or services online and at ease.

Using leading eCommerce software platforms, our team helps to grow your sales and business by designing, developing, and executing cutting-edge eCommerce websites that fit all of your business and product needs.


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ecommerce website development


Streamline Your Business Processes with ERP Integration

Experience leading edge technology including stunning websites and mobile applications by streamlining your business processes with the leading ERP software solutions on the market.

Reduce labor costs and pricing mistakes, streamline product information and order processes, and increase productivity and profits with our NetSuite and Prophet 21 ERP solutions.



NetSuite SuiteCommerce unifies eCommerce with your core operational business systems as the platform provides a single view of your customers, orders, inventory and other critical business data that enables relevant omni-channel experiences.


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Prophet 21

Prophet 21, a leading enterprise software solution for distributors, drives business performance that maximizes profit and creates a seamless supply chain experience. World Synergy is a Cart2Quote Magento Quote Extension partner.


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The modern consumer seeks a website that is easily accessible on mobile phones, tablets, and other platforms.

Our team customizes optimized, mobile websites that create an unparalleled customer experience every time a user visits your site with their mobile device, no matter the platform.


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custom website development


Help Users Access Your Website Faster

Speed is critical for mobile users. And for those users who have a limited mobile data plan, the weight of your page (MB) can be a deal-breaker for if they choose stay on your site or leave.

Our team helps by reviewing websites and server setups to optimize page weight and load so website pages load more efficiently. We optimize image and scripts, remove unnecessary items, and prioritize the content that loads first, helping optimize for better SEO, and giving your users the quick experience they expect.


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Use SharePoint to Grow Your Business

Whether your organization is in need of document management, cloud services, intranet and extranet management systems, or web application framework, SharePoint applications can be utilized to build a variety of needs for your organization.

Our SharePoint development experts help streamline your processes to make for a more efficient business organization.


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Stay Proactive and Keep Your Website Safe

Website and eCommerce downtime and breaches are expensive – costing you time, money and customers.

Our team adds proactive measures to your website upkeep in order to protect you business, including website security protection and scanning of your hosted website to detect attacks, malicious attempts for access, and malware removal.


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