Human Resources

Streamline your HR Processes

NetSuite SuitePeople

Give Your Business Complete Control Over Your Core HR Processes with NetSuite SuitePeople.

NetSuite SuitePeople: Empower Managers and HR professionals to streamline employee information, new hires, employee onboarding, payroll, promotions and compensation changes, all from a single Suite.

As a NetSuite Solution Partner, World Synergy implements, integrates, and customizes NetSuite SuitePeople to help leverage and grow your business.

Download: NetSuite SuitePeople Data Sheet

NetSuite SuitePeople Features

Core HR Functionality

  • Global employee record
  • Purchase order and expense reporting self-service
  • Company directory and organizational browser
  • Time tracking; time-off management and workflows
  • Employee and manager experience
  • Job and position management; job requisition tracking
  • Compliance management and reporting
  • Customizable roles and permissions
  • Pre-built HR reports and workforce analytics

Time Off Management

Create customized and automatic time-off plans that match your company policy, including eligibility, entitlement, accrual frequency and carryover.

Employee Directory And Org Browser

Allow employees to quickly find and contact the right people in the organization, and navigate the organization to understand how individuals or teams fit within its structure.

HR Reporting And Analytics

Gain over 100 out-of-the-box reports and metrics covering all key HR processes workforce, and automatically keep up with an overview of head count, growth and turnover trends.

Payroll Management

NetSuite Payroll is a complete, full-service solution for managing U.S. payroll. Employees’ time entry, attendance and commission data translates directly to their payroll, with no manual data re-entry.

NetSuite SuitePeople Benefits

All Employee Information, All At Your Fingertips

NetSuite SuitePeople provides a complete platform and dashboard to proactively stay in front of all employee information, engagement, and insight.

  • Global Employee Record: All information relevant to an employee is stored or referenced in their employee record, providing a comprehensive view using unified data from across the suite including ERP, CRM, HR, PSA and omnichannel commerce.
  • Organizational Structure: Define the employee’s supervisor, location, subsidiary and department.
  • Employee Dashboard: Basic HR data and demographic details to time and expense, purchase orders, approvals and reminders.
  • Advanced HCM Data: SuitePeople features make even more data available—job details, compensation, payroll and commissions, benefits, and time-off plans.
  • Effective Dating: Make changes to the employee record in the past or future, and manage conflicts with other changes.

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