HubSpot and NetSuite Integration


integrate HubSpot and NetSuite

two of our most popular integration offerings—together!

Imagine harnessing the power of HubSpot and NetSuite

  • Never write a line of code to integrate your HubSpot and NetSuite CRM company, contact, opportunity and activity data;
  • Map data and manage rules together;
  • Unleash key features for both your sales and marketing teams, including: HubSpot Intelligence, HubSpot smart lists, and full funnel analytics;
  • Support for NetSuite, NetSuite CRM+ —and all NetSuite customer and lead type configurations (for both company and individual).


Sync Leads and Contacts between HubSpot & NetSuite

Push leads immediately from HubSpot to NetSuite as they become marketing qualified to get them to sales teams.

Records remain in sync, avoiding duplicates, and as there are additional interactions, they are synced between the systems. For contacts added directly into NetSuite by your sales team, these will sync back to HubSpot to ensure you maintain a complete, de-duplicated lead database in HubSpot.

Give sales visibility to HubSpot intelligence in NetSuite

HubSpot gathers key intelligence on your prospects, including lead source, why they engaged with you (conversion events) & summary fields, rolling up email and website interactions.

Map these to custom fields in NetSuite so that your sales reps can see this key HubSpot intelligence quickly and easily, natively in the NetSuite CRM they work in every day.

Automate campaigns using NetSuite data in HubSpot

HubSpot smart lists are a powerful feature to dynamically target based on individual or account level data. 

By syncing NetSuite company and contact data to HubSpot, you can automate the creation of these targeted lists in HubSpot, and open up capabilities such as automated lead nurturing and customer marketing campaigns.

Feed NetSuite data back to HubSpot to power full funnel analytics

HubSpot has powerful full funnel analytics reporting to give insight into what’s driving growth in customers and revenue. 

World Synergy can connect opportunities converted in NetSuite back to HubSpot to unlock this closed loop reporting as part of your HubSpot-NetSuite integration.

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