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The GDPR And Your Business: A Brief Breakdown

You may have heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that has been put into effect as of May 25, 2018 and protects all EU citizens’ personal information. Here’s a brief breakdown of what you need to know, including next… READ MORE

Adobe To Acquire Magento Commerce For $1.68B

In May, Adobe announced their intent to acquire Magento Commerce, a market-leading commerce platform, for $1.68 billion. The acquisition is expected to close in the Adobe fiscal third quarter. Learn more about the acquisition… READ MORE

The Benefits Of NetSuite WMS for Distributors

Due to retailers like Amazon, who are raising the bar on rapid, error‐free fulfillment at extremely low cost per unit, consumers now hold expectations that for a small to mid-sized distributor might seem impossible to keep up with. Here’s how NetSuite can… READ MORE

5 Effective Ways To Integrate Sales And Marketing

In today’s digital age, integrating sales and marketing roles is more important than ever. Today, both marketing and sales teams work towards one goal: growing a business. Here are 5 effective ways to break down the barriers between sales and… READ MORE

Is It Time For A Website Redesign?

In today’s advanced online landscape, the web is likely the first place your customers and potential customers are going to look to learn about your business. Check out our 6 signs to determine if your company is overdue for a website… READ MORE

Microsoft SharePoint: What It Is and Why It Matters

Microsoft SharePoint can be utilized to solve a variety of needs for your organization, especially a tool for enhanced communication. If you are looking for a scalable tool to help your organization grow, here are a few reasons to consider… READ MORE

The Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

We’ve been talking about “the cloud” for years now. With advancements in technology, the adoption of cloud-based technology is rapidly growing. Especially among small to mid-sized businesses. Is your business prepared to keep… READ MORE

Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing in 2018

It’s no secret that the use of video marketing is on the rise. By 2020, video marketing is expected to account for 79% of global internet traffic. Why is this? The answer is simple. Here are a few key reasons why you should leverage video in… READ MORE