COVID-19 Business Resource Portal

COVID-19 Business Resource Portal

Helping You and Your Business Thrive During the Pandemic

Best Practices for Working from Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, you and your business must adapt and adjust more than ever before. Even tech giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook have required most of their staff to work remotely. Video conferencing, cloud computing, VPNs, productivity tools, office disinfectants and Personal Protective Equipment… in the current business climate, you may be struggling with adopting new technologies that you have never used before or may be uncomfortable with. While this transition can be tough, finding a strategy that works best will help your team evolve and excel. World Synergy has curated some resources that will help your staff remain productive and protected while working from home:


The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic may be problematic, but adapting to our “new normal” doesn’t have to be. World Synergy will implement cutting edge technology and provide valuable services to help your team while working from home:


From Our Team
Gina Bartlett, Creative Director

Gina Bartlett
Creative Director
World Synergy

“In my over 11 years with World Synergy, my last 1.5 has been working remote in Florida to be closer to my family. Our team and customers have been so supportive of my relocation and I absolutely love my new normal. For some of you this may be quite different, so I thought I would share some things that have helped me be successful. I know our team is completely prepared to help our clients, because they have been supporting me virtually for some time, along with others on our team. Just the other day one of our Remote Operations Specialists installed MFA for my Microsoft applications. He Team’s me and boom it was done!”

Being a bit solitude for me has made me a stronger person. I read more, exercise, and take care first.

Some of my favorites that help the work day:

  • Teams Video Chat, so easy and always available, even mobile
  • Zoom, another great video conference calling platform
  • Great easy read: “The Year of Less” Cait Flanders
  • Stay organized and routines seem to work for me
  • Eat lunch, get up and take a walk
  • Start and finish work just like your normal hours

Adjust and Adapt to our new normal

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