Who We Work With

Our Team Serves Global Clients that Span Across a Wide Range of Industries

We bridge the gaps between strategy, experience and expertise to fully understand your business and its unique needs.

Whether you are looking for a complete business solution or our Marketing, Application development, or Technology services, our client’s benefit from a business mapping and wealth of industry-specific knowledge that has been cultivated throughout years of experience.


Integrated Solutions for B2B Companies

We understand that building lasting relationships is one of the most important elements of growing your business.

Creating a strategic plan to build valuable partnerships, streamline processes, and lower costs gives you the edge you need in an ever-competitive market-place. Our industry experience, knowledge, and dedication enhances the value of your organization as we work together to develop customized strategies that nurture growth in leads, close business, and create for a seamless B2B relationship with your clients.

Our B2B experience spans across clients with a wide variety of niches, including health care services, manufacturing tools and equipment, medical supplies, and much more.


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Integrated Solutions for B2C Companies

Keeping your customers happy – and happy to work with you – is critical for the success of your organization.

As consumers continue to become more dependent on technology advancements, their expectations are evolving. Our services help you keep up with the growing expectations of today’s offline and increasingly savvy online consumers. From start-ups to established organizations, our clients specialize in B2C verticals that include merchandising, health and beauty, manufacturing and equipment, medical equipment, and more.

While you want to keep your customers happy – we also want to keep you happy. Which is why we are here to be your industry experts.


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Integrated Services for Distribution Companies

Distribution companies encompass a large chain of channels that are involved in every-day management. Processes can become intense and complex, often making it difficult for organizations to keep up with customers and competitors.

This is where we can help. While our experience with distribution companies originates with wholesale distribution, we work with global leaders that span a wide range of distribution types and channels, including: innovative polymer products, material handling equipment, and industrial and agricultural lubricants and fuels.

Together, we can work together to grow your organization by reducing problems, increasing efficiency, and streamlining your business processes. Our industry experts are here to help your organization maneuver through the industry and increase your business returns through a personalized and strategic set of solutions.


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Integrated Services for Manufacturing Companies

The manufacturing industry is always innovating and evolving. So should your organization.

Keep up with business and consumer demands as the manufacturing industry continues to change. With a custom roadmap in place, we can move your manufacturing processes forward through our personalized strategic solutions.

Our industry experts have knowledge and experience working and growing with a wide variety of manufacturing niches – from molding and forming, to machining and additive manufacturing. No matter what type of manufacturing your organization identifies with, we are here to help.


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Integrated Solutions for Professional Services Organizations

From procurement to advocacy, we foster the engagement needed to drive your brand loyalty and trust within a wide range of Professional Service industries.

Our team provides solutions that are flexible with evolving and customized strategies based on your organizations specific wants and needs. Keeping tabs on what the the next “big thing” is while staying on top of what is “now” helps your organization prepare and embrace inevitable future changes.

We have experience working with a wide range of Professional Service organizations, all who trust us to deliver exceptional experiences through solutions involving marketing, applications, and technology in today’s cross-channel marketplace.


> Financial Services Companies

We have years of experience working with top financial investment companies, price management agencies, and portfolio management organizations.


> Healthcare Benefits Companies

Our expertise within healthcare benefits runs vast with healthcare and benefits agencies,  consumer wellness companies, hospitals, health insurers and pharmacies.


> IT & Managed Services Firms

As an IT Service Provider and MSP ourselves, we live and breathe the IT industry and fully understand what is required to grow as a technology-driven company.


> Medical Services Organizations

Our experience in the medical industry spans from diving deep into medical tool suppliers for hospitals and veterinary clinics, to healthcare and benefits specialists.