Marketing with Voice & Video in Today's World

April 22, 2020, 12 P.M.

In today’s world where content is king, voice and video are the crown jewels of reach and effectiveness. It is how the future of content will be distributed and consumed.

Learn how to use Voice and Video in the journey of recruiting and maintaining your: Customers and prospective customers, creating a client base that works for you, your employees, and your organization; Employees and prospective employees, enabling you to advance your organization with a loyal and enthusiastic workforce.

About the Speaker

Jay Kozar World Synergy

Jay Kozar,
Director of Marketing Solutions,
World Synergy

Jay has been with World Synergy for five years, and brings a friendly, supportive energy to every project, removing obstacles as he envisions the Big Picture. Jay’s way of empowering people and building relationships makes him a favorite with clients and the team he leads alike.